Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association Council Members

Message from the DMNA Council


Hello Neighbors,

There is a lot happening in the world, our country, and in our city. There is a lot of judgement and intolerance of others that are perceived as different from us.

The Dunn's Marsh Neighborhood Council personally wants to send a message to everyone in the Dunn's Marsh neighborhood:

We hope you feel welcome and safe in our neighborhood. If you ever feel otherwise, please share your experience with one of us (contact information below) or someone else in the neighborhood you trust. Then encourage that person to share it anonymously on your behalf on the DMNA Facebook page or on Nextdoor Dunn's Marsh. That way the rest of the neighbors will be aware of it and can be more watchful and protective of ALL of our neighbors.

We hope to never receive that request from you. But please be assured that if you do come to one of us, we will advocate confidentially on your and all of our neighbors' behalf.

Hatred is not acceptable in the Dunn's Marsh neighborhood.

Dunn's Marsh Neighborhood Council Members by area and e-mails:

Dunn's Marsh Neighborhood Council Members by area and e-mails:

Allied representatives:
Shonita Roach
(Vice President)
Peter Schmitt

Belmar representative:
Elvice McAlpine (Secretary)

Crawford representative:
Faith Cholvin (Treasurer)

Marlborough representatives:
Yannette Cole (President)
Mary Mullen
Thea Bach (Welcome/Activity Committee)
Dale-Harriet Rogovich
Sam Shesman

Meetings are held monthly at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society at 2010 Whenona Drive, Madison, Wi and are open to any resident that might wish to attend. This year meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm.

NOTICE:  Council members are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association, held in September or October.  We can have up to 12 Council members representing the 4 neighborhood areas.   Caucuses of DMNA members from each part of the neighborhood may choose 3 representatives to serve on the Council for the coming year.  Expectations of Council Members are listed in the By-laws, Article VI, Section E.1-4.  


Meet your Council Members

Check back for future introductions

DMNA President

Yannette Cole has lived in the Marlborough area of the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood since 1996.  She is from Puerto Rico and fluently speaks English and Spanish.  Yannette joined the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association (DMNA) in 2015 as acting Treasurer.  Currently, she is serving as the DMNA President.

Yannette brings to DMNA her Hispanic background and understanding of the Latino/Hispanic culture.  She also brings a vast knowledge of computer & software skills.  She works as System Administrator for a company that manufactures various cancer treatment products and equipment.

Yannette is honored to serve as the DMNA President for the 2017 term and it is looking forward to meet you and to work with you to better serve our community.

Marlborough Rep

Mary Mullen has lived in the Marlborough area of the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood since 1963 and is a co-founder of the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association (1973).  She grew up in the Kickapoo/Wisconsin River village of Wauzeka, Wisconsin, moving to Madison after graduating from college.  She served as the DMNA’s first president (1973-75) and then in other Council positions most years until 1985.  In 1990 she edited and authored a book of history about the neighborhood, In Our Own Words:  The Best of the Dunn’s Marsh News.  She again joined the Council in 2006-present, continuously serving as editor of the Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood News and e-News and also taking the position of DMNA president for 3 years (2013- 2016).
Mary brings to the DMNA her knowledge of the history of the DMNA and the neighborhood, her love of the environment, and her unshakeable beliefs that (1) each person is of equal value, (1) each one of us can make a difference, and  (3) by banding together, we can make life better for everyone in the neighborhood.
In her work life, Mary was high school and elementary teacher and also worked for the State of Wisconsin in various positions and agencies.

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